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Becoming People Who Help Kids Heal

Last week I shared my daughter’s story of surgery and recovery using a powerful protocol based on intention. While the remarkable HealFaster framework developed by Peggy Huddleston was instrumental in my daughter’s healing process, so was the work of her dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists at Shriners Hospital. Established by the Shriners International nearly a hundred years ago, 22 Shriners hospitals are located across North America today. They treat children for a wide variety of orthopedic issues as well as burns, and their treatment is available regardless of ability to pay.

My family is deeply grateful for Shriners Hospital for Children and we are happy to play a small role in supporting them so they can continue their amazing work. In our many years of bringing our daughter to Shriners, we have only encountered passionate professionals who are living their personal mission to help children heal. They treat every patient with love, which is a joy to witness—especially in the midst of facing your own family’s challenges.

If we focus on healthy children, we set the foundation for a healthy society. There’s no question that any form of support for a children’s organization is time and/or money well spent. If you’re looking for a worthy children’s charity, please consider Shriners Hospitals for Children.

But you don’t have to donate money to help a kid heal. Reach out to a child in your life and make them feel special in some way. Smile at a child in passing. Or even soothe the child in you. However you help a child be better, it eventually comes full circle to make all of us better.

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