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Becoming People Who Inspire Girls to Thrive

As penance for my internalized girlhood sexism, I am delighted to support an organization that has been around for over 150 years in the service of helping girls thrive. Although I didn’t have the benefit of Girls Inc. to help build and reinforce my self-worth as a young girl, today more than 130,000 girls across North America are served and supported by this wonderful organization.

Girls Inc. follows a holistic, research-based approach with an emphasis on education as well as mentoring. They teach essential life skills to girls, nurturing multiple aspects of self-respect and self-confidence. For girls growing up in environments with few resources or scarce emotional support, the work of Girls Inc. can be life changing. And for any girl who goes through the Girls Inc. program, the resulting sense of self-empowerment sets the course for a better future.

I’m a fan of all organizations that help girls find their voice and use it. Why? Because the result is more women with leadership skills and more women who lead. And given that Girls Inc. is so widespread and accessible, that means even more women can have the opportunity to lead — something sorely needed on the planet today.

Join me in donating to Girls Inc. and supporting their mission: “inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” Even if you don’t have a girl in your life, we all benefit when girls own their worth. 

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