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Hi, I'm Jacqueline Jannotta!

Becoming Better People highlights my work, including my book Let’s Leave the Country! A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad.  You’ll also find samples of other writing, along with an invitation to check out my articles on Medium.

And if you’re interested in discovering more about your family history, that’s a passion of mine and an offering you’ll find here too.

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My Book

Do you dream about leaving the country for an extended period? If you want to give yourself and your family an unforgettable life-changing experience, check out my book.

My Writing

I write regularly on a variety of topics. My goal is to inspire each of us to envision and nurture a better world.

Your Roots

Discovering your ancestry can reveal new insights and open new doors. In fact, my lifelong enthusiasm for genealogy research is what prompted our family year abroad. I’d like to help you explore where your roots might lead you. 

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