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Your Roots

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Family Tree, genealogy with mystery ancestors

Genealogy has been a lifelong passion. It inspired me to learn Italian, which led to meeting previously unknown cousins, then to our family year in Italy, and ultimately to my Let’s Leave the Country! book. Recently, my genealogical research led to obtaining Italian citizenship!

Over the years I’ve also helped others make insightful discoveries: royal roots, hidden branches of their family tree, and avenues to dual citizenship. I’ve even helped adopted friends find their birth parents. 


Researching family histories brings me joy. If you’re curious to learn more about your origins—and if you fit either of the scenarios below—I would be delighted to put my years of expertise to work on your behalf:

Starter Tree

You’d love to understand more about your origins or any branch of your tree: Where did your ancestors come from? How did they live? Did they take part in any major historical events? 


I will use the tools at my disposal to gather the basics about your family’s past, assuming at a minimum:


  • You know of at least one family who was living in the U.S. by 1950 or earlier. 


  • You or other family members have taken an Ancestry DNA test revealing connections to families living in the U.S. by 1950 or earlier. 


Even if past family conversations have yielded minimal information, it is still possible to develop a well-researched family history. I will create an initial tree and then guide you on next steps for adding branches and expanding your family's story.

Connect to Italy

You are certain you have Italian ancestors: you know some of their names, and have a general idea of where and when they lived in the U.S. But you’re eager to learn more.


You’d love to know more about where in Italy they came from. Perhaps you dream of visiting your ancestral village one day and meeting Italian relatives. Maybe you’re curious about whether you’re eligible for dual citizenship.


​I will use both American and Italian online resources to help build your tree, with emphasis on your Italian roots. I will then guide you toward your next best steps, which could include further research or exploring paths to Italian citizenship. 

Please reach out if you'd like to learn more:

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