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My Writing

I am regularly published on Medium, an ad-free platform for writers and readers of all kinds, spanning countless topics.  My articles always advance some aspect of "becoming better".

Follow me on Medium where you can become a member to get unlimited access to both free articles and "Member-only" articles. Every read, clap, and comment also helps writers find their audience, and get paid for their efforts.

Here’s a sampling of select articles:


Who Left a Baby at Our Doorstep?

How a surprise DNA match redefined our decades-old family history and provoked the letting go of what might have been

Was My Grandmother an Accidental Stereotype or a True Mafia Princess?

What really happened when Italian gangsters in Chicago bombed my union leader ancestor's house in 1911? It all depends on who tells the story...


How Can We Free Ourselves from the Confines of the Race Box?

There's a dodgy history behind the ubiquitous "race box" we are often asked to check. Here, I look at the reasons it still exists and how we might begin to find a more unifying way to classify our humanness.

Falling for Oregon and the Turbulent Stories Behind Her Beauty

After a harsh welcome to our home state, a journey through the clash of history delivers a quiet message.


To Travel or Not to Travel — Is That the Question?

Travel can pose an ethical dilemma, but deep, intentional travel also bridges cultures in a divided world. I explore this conundrum and how we might help heal the planet via global citizenship.

Why We Should All Be Following the First Rule of Improv

My take on how following a simple rule of Yes, And helps us to rise above our polarized echo chambers and devise creative solutions to many societal problems.

YesAnd (800 × 600 px)_edited.jpg
Their Generation (800 × 600 px)_edited.j

Gender-Neutral Pronouns Confound Me — But It’s Time to Embrace Them

Grammar as we learned it be damned. Maybe the linguistic push toward nonbinary thinking is exactly what the world needs.

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