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Becoming People Who Cultivate Women Leaders

The Women’s March four years ago was a reflexive response by women who felt cheated by a system dominated by men since its inception. I’m grateful that the worldwide march *did* result in progress (Hello, Madame Vice President!). However, the only way to ensure lasting change with more women represented in government is to ensure we have more women running for office. That’s why I’m excited to highlight She Should Run

She Should Run is a top-rated nonpartisan nonprofit with a single aim: get more women to run for office at all levels—local, state, and federal. They work with women from all walks of life who might have only an inkling that running for office is a possibility for them. Among a variety of offerings, She Should Run provides free self-directed courses to educate and motivate women on the different avenues to political leadership. They sustain a national network of nearly 20k women who are on a similar path, for support, learning and encouragement. She Should Run also understands that one of the major reasons women don’t run for office is because they aren’t asked to, so they even offer a nifty online form where anyone can ask a woman they know to run for office.

There are myriad reasons for the dearth of women in elected government positions, but the bottom line is not enough women run for office. She Should Run’s mission is to correct that, full stop. Because when more women run for office, more women will win office. I am thrilled to support them and I welcome you to join me. Let’s look forward to the day where the Women’s March won’t be a response to a broken system, but a celebration of our success.

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