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Becoming People Who Focus on Solutions

Reframing “reality” to see a boldly positive future was a challenge, though I have to say I’m pleased with how I justified my optimistic predictions for the 2020s:-).  The reason most of us have a hard time taking in a hopeful view of the world is because the news we digest is largely fear-based. This clouds our headspace. That’s why it thrilled me to discover Positive Futures Network, a top-rated nonprofit on Charity Navigator. They are behind Yes! Media: an independent, nonpartisan publisher of solutions journalism. The Yes! Magazine is an encouraging antidote to standard media pieces that often leave you with a heavy, “why bother?” feeling about humanity. 

As someone educated and trained in TV production, I spent the first part of my career in Hollywood, so I get how money drives the media machine. It relies on creating (subconscious or otherwise) a sense of need or desperation in the consumer, which drives the spending of money on products to relieve that needy, desperate feeling. This isn’t to discount all the well-meaning folk out there in TV and other communication industries. But if you believe money makes the world go ‘round, then the media machine has perfected a way to keep that motor running…

That’s why I’m excited to support a nonprofit dedicated to disseminating news pieces that paint a promising path forward. Besides not being beholden to advertisers, what I love about Yes! Magazine is they also don’t push a Pollyanna, rose-colored view of life. They don’t hide the fact that collective change is a must, and they share stories of real people doing things anyone can do (not only those with power or money). Plus the articles in Yes! offer powerful insights on a variety of meaningful topics accessible to all. Just click around and sign up for free weekly updates. Or do what I just did and subscribe along with a supplementary donation, so positive news can reach a bigger audience.

Our media diet works like a regular diet: feed your mind fear and “empty calories” and you’ll get scary, lower-level thought; feed it uplifting truth “nuggets” and you might just be motivated to change the world.

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