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Becoming People Who Help Kids Learn

Last week I shared why it’s so challenging to define what makes a “good school” — even if we should still seek them out! Despite the challenge, supporting and advancing our educational system is essential, since knowledge-building and critical thinking skills will always advance us. Toward this end, is one of my all-time favorite nonprofits that does powerful work to support teachers and students.

What I especially love about DonorsChoose is that donors can fund a classroom in a direct and personal way. Search by topic, by teacher’s name, or even by location — and find a project that matters to you. It’s easy to then see how even a small donation makes a big difference in the lives of kids who attend underfunded schools. You can track the project, see exactly how the money is spent, and even post notes to the classroom.

I’ve been honored to support my friend Alicia’s classroom over the years, and will happily do so again. Though I’ve never stepped foot inside her school, I know my donations have made a difference. She and her students send updates to contributors on how they’re thriving, which adds to the “it takes a village” vibe of DonorsChoose.

If you are looking for ways to directly nurture more good schools and help our education system, I highly recommend this organization.

Check them out and find a project that inspires you to contribute. And if you aren’t able to give money right now, do something else in the spirit of education:

Thank a teacher.

Spark curiosity in a student.

Learn something that moves us toward better.

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