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Becoming People Who Protect Democracy

My last post (Designing a Better Map to Guide Us) spoke of a hopeful future and a unified US. But I have to confess that the current election has tested my optimism. What gives me hope, however, is record numbers of early voters! Because the more active our voting population, the more our country will reflect who we truly are. So I was happy to find The Brennan Center for Justice — a top-rated nonprofit dedicated to defending democracy from many angles, and ensuring every American can vote. 

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that conducts rigorous research and analysis to create policy reforms that work. Their solutions are crafted by lawyers, social scientists, researchers and other advocates to address pressing issues, such as: protecting election integrity and vulnerable voting systems; the role of big money in political campaigns; extreme gerrymandering and fair representation; and voter rights. You can learn more about voter-related issues and where your state stands in terms of a pandemic-safe and secure election here.

I don’t believe there’s an American today, no matter their political persuasion, who would say our democratic system is healthy as-is and doesn’t need reform. That’s why I’m thrilled to support the Brennan Center for Justice: a group of smart people dedicated to creating smart reform. I welcome you to join me. And if you are an American adult who isn’t able to donate, then there is still one thing you can do to protect our democracy: Vote.

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