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The <em>What</em> of Becoming Better People

What is Becoming Better People?

I’ve previously shared the motive behind this blog and how I intend to use it. Here’s a recap:

Becoming Better People is a platform for personal stories that draw an arc from past experience to collective future growth — from Me to We. And in order to fuel words with more power, Becoming Better People features and supports a hand-picked nonprofit to complement each Me to We story. The idea is to actively build a better Us by supporting outstanding change-makers, just as the stories shared here can catalyze our own change-making ability. The goal is to help us point our shared compass toward a better future: one based on intention about where we want to go, rather than simply where we end up.

What kinds of Me to We stories?  Here are a few examples of what’s coming:

Because my book Let’s Leave the Country! A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad, comes out in October, the first few Me to We stories will tie back to my family’s own year-long adventure in Italy. One of those stories is how a minor childhood memory built a bridge across time and seas:

faded bridge into the fog

While cross-cultural themes are a big part of how I think about the collective “us”, I also gravitate toward healing as a part of “becoming better.” And a recent discovery in our life is something I can’t wait to post here, because I know it could make a difference for many others:

hand held up with bandaid on it