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Becoming People Who Promote Education

Last week’s post highlighted the rewards of going abroad to get “educated” — a valuable endeavor, to be sure. However, plenty of children around the world don’t even have the luxury of getting educated in their home country. So I searched for a nonprofit with a mission of educating kids across the planet because I wanted my modest contribution to reach beyond the border. What a delight then it was to discover Teach for All, which develops leadership in classrooms and communities so that more children will learn.

Teach for All trains top graduates to work in their local schools for two years before they go on to become leaders, advocates, policymakers and entrepreneurs. With a network of communities in 50+ countries on six continents, they create synergy by connecting the participants around the globe so they can learn from each other’s experiences. They are working diligently toward improving the status quo while unlocking the potential in every child through education.  

Broad systemic change starts locally and Teach for All gets that. They also recognize that an educated individual can powerfully transform their community and by extension, the world. This “Me to We” arc resonates with what Becoming Better People is about, and I’m thrilled to support them with a donation.

Teach for All logo

Perhaps Teach for All’s mission inspires you to lend your support too, whether monetarily (click logo) or by sharing your wisdom with a child in your community. Whatever positive action you make, trust that it will have a ripple effect…

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