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Homage to a Ukrainian Ancestor with a Hope for Peace

My husband’s grandfather, Louis Lipsky, immigrated from Slavuta, Ukraine 117 years ago. He left his native land for the US to escape violent pogroms, poverty, and war. Forty years later, he lost his only son in the Second World War. I don’t know whether Louis Lipsky would feel solidarity with Ukraine today, but I’m certain that at his core he would know that war only brings destruction and heartbreak.

Let’s hold space that today, in 2022, the Ukrainian and Russian peoples (otherwise known as fellow human beings) will avert an all-out war. Let’s be among those who maintain a vision for a peaceful planet, free of violent conflict. The more we do this, the more we activate hope that our children’s children can live in a world far more evolved than that of their ancestors.

This experimental short piece was originally published in Everything Shortform on Medium.

In keeping with my intention to fuel change-for-better beyond the written word, I am donating to two highly rated nonprofits that are helping the people of Ukraine: the JDC, in honor of Louis Lipsky; and DirectRelief. Please join me in directing aid to Ukraine.

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