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Becoming People Who Sustain the Earth

Last week’s post explained how a new symbol — the doughnut — would promote a better way to measure economic success. It’s undeniable that we need to put ourselves on a healthier course for the future. And adopting a “doughnut economics” model (based on the book by Kate Raworth) could solve a wide variety of problems — from poverty to social inequities to air pollution and more. But this made identifying a good-fit nonprofit challenging. It was next to impossible to find a well-rated charity covering it all. So I chose an organization dedicated to protecting the very planet that sustains us: the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Like the doughnut economics philosophy, the NRDC gets it: Healthy people and communities are reliant on a healthy earth. Founded 50 years ago, the NRDC has worked to ensure the rights of *all* to have clean water, fresh air, and a thriving natural environment. They work with hundreds of scientists, lawyers and policy advocates around the world, partnering with businesses, elected leaders and community groups. Their common goal? That the world’s children inherit a livable planet.

some good-for-the-environment habits at home. If the past several weeks have taught us anything, it’s that we can (and must) do whatever it takes to survive and thrive!

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