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Becoming People with Expanded Consciousness

The experience I describe in Awaken Your Sleeping Genie led me to know that the power of intention is real. And as stories like mine become more common, it’s easy to question whether science always operates at full capacity. So it thrilled me to discover a respected nonprofit that embraces science while also aiming to explain curious phenomena—all with the intent of helping humanity evolve. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is both groundbreaking and steeped in ancient innate human wisdom. Therein lies the key to their fascinating work.

When IONS founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon in 1971, he experienced a profound interconnectedness with the vastness of the cosmos. It moved him to establish The Institute of Noetic Sciences as a way to bridge hardcore science (such as astrophysics) with the spiritual wisdom of the ages. “Noetic” is defined as “inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding,” and Dr. Mitchell saw value in tapping into information derived from such consciousness. Since its founding in 1973, IONS has conducted fascinating experiments (many published in peer-reviewed journals), and offers numerous ways for the public to get involved in their work.

Science has taken us to the moon and beyond. And if we prompt it, science-based work like that of IONS can take us even farther in understanding the nature of reality—so we can shape it for the better. I’m excited to support IONS because their work fuels my belief that humanity is so much more than meets the eye. We live in extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures to solve our problems, including looking for solutions in extraordinary ways. If you want to help push us toward a more fascinating future, please consider IONS a place to explore and support.

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