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Becoming Those Who Value People Over Profit

My post last week questioned why our predominant measure of national “health” focuses on the stock market, even though the human aspects of our existence are far more relevant to our collective wellbeing. If there’s anything I hope this coronavirus crisis is showing us, it’s that we can’t just “fix the economy” in order to heal what’s afflicting us more broadly. That’s why I’m sharing a donation link that spotlights several nonprofits supporting those in need by way of food, wages, and health.

The folks at Crooked Media (where you can find countless hours of illuminating podcast discussions!) put together a brilliant link that allows you to disburse your donation across the following US-focused nonprofits:

  1. Feeding America

  2. Meals on Wheels

  3. No Kid Hungry

  4. National Domestic Workers Alliance

  5. Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

  6. One Fair Wage

  7. CDC Foundation

  8. Direct Relief

Distribute your donation to any or all of these organizations — and/or give locally by searching a national homeless shelter directory, everything linked here:

We’re in this together, so helping those outside your sphere helps all of us. Be well and stay safe. ❤️

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