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What I’ve Been Up To Lately: Wrestling with Reality

I hope everyone is enjoying the season of gratitude & light, despite the challenges all around us. This post is a break from the usual theme of Becoming Better People (BBP) to share a quick update on my latest writing pursuits (below).

I’ve been itching to expand my writing beyond BBP, which includes migrating my posts to Medium. That doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this blog or the sentiments behind it! I will still re-publish appropriate pieces here and will continue to send out a quarterly newsletter.

Medium is a great fit for my work, as a publishing platform that supports independent writers of every stripe. Because it is a mecca for the written word, it has millions of monthly readers. For a writer, that’s like swimming in an ocean of growth (and earning) potential—as opposed to my blog, which is a lovely remote island in the cyber-sea! 

I’ve been working on a piece for Medium about the big divide in our culture regarding vaccines and the pandemic, and the grief it’s causing so many of us. Similar to the cultural divide that shook me after the 2016 election (which was the original impetus for this blog), the “dual realities” surrounding the pandemic have prompted me to find ways of minimizing despair. This is written and presented as a Medium “mini-series” called Making Sense of Dual-ing Realities and explores reframing and paradoxical thinking.

Title: A "Thinking Vaccine" for a Broken World, image of cityscape divided by a syringe
Title: Casting New Lighton a Brilliant Trickster, image: light particles and waves